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We’'ve had over 2 decades of success in supplying records to collectors worldwide. We’'ve grown from humble beginnings in 1989 as ‘The Record Connoisseur’ in England to our current operation near Sacramento, California. We’'ve also personally been avid record collectors for over 25 years.

Through the years we’'ve developed a keen sense of the needs of both the connoisseur and the collector who is just starting out on his musical odyssey. We carry a superb collection which is continuously updated and encompasses all genres of music to satisfy even our most demanding customers. Outstanding Condition is our standard and expert packaging and fast friendly service is our specialty.

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  Band Title   Format Price USD
'76 Revolutionaries1976 Bi-Centennial Album
Under Ground US 1974 USA SS sealed 1974 gatefold original containing a fancy parchment copy of the 1776 declaration of independence and the new 1976 declaration of interdependence suitable for h...
(Ex) Cat HeadsOur Frisco
Twitch City TC 001 USA SS sealed 1990 vinyl rarity
1/2 Japanese1/2 Gentlemen / Not Beasts
Armageddon A BOX 1 M- rare 1980 uk box set original featuring 3 lps a giant fold out poster custom lyric insert and a photo book all three records are nm the box has some light shelf wear and...
10,000 ManiacsIn My Tribe
Elektra 60738 USA M- beautiful 1987 white label promo pressed on high quality audiophile vinyl saw cut custom inner sleeve appears unplayed their breakthrough album and creative high point t...
10,000 ManiacsIn My Tribe
MOFI 1-013 USA M- factory sealed numbered limited edition vinyl mastered on mobile fidelity s world renowned mastering system and pressed at rti
10,000 ManiacsTrouble Me
Elektra ED 5376 USA M- 1989 promotional 12 single housed in a generic die cut sleeve with custom hype sticker saw cut same track label on both sides
100 FlowersDrawing Fire
Happy Squid HS012 USA M- 1984 5 track ep housed in a textured folder style gatefold tracks are let s not long arm of the social sciences triage bunkers and contributions vinyl appe...
100 Proof Aged In Soul100 Proof Aged In Soul
Hot Wax HA 712 USA SS sealed 1972 original includes don t scratch where it don t itch couple of shrink tears
101 StringsMelodies Of The Seasons In Japan
Columbia XS-55-ML M- rare gold label stereo original released only for the japanese market comes in a deluxe cloth bound gatefold cover with attached color insert appears unplayed
UKS 53105 USA sealed 1973 original promo sticker on front cover and clean cut out hole promotional press hype sheet under rear shrink wrap two corner creases hence price includes the hit rub...
Imperial TEJI 33012 gorgeous limited and numbered 2008 180gm japanese pressing with insert no obis in this series of releases this is low number 0164
10ccHow Dare You!
Mercury SRM-1-1061 USA M- 1976 gatefold original with custom inner sleeve
10ccHow Dare You!
Mercury MIP-1-9316 Canada sealed 1975 canadian pressing small cut out hole
10ccOriginal Soundtrack
Mercury SRM-1-1029 USA M- 1975 gatefold original with custom i m not in love hype sticker on the shrink wrap appears unplayed
10ccOriginal Sountrack / Bloody Tourists
Mercury 830 185 Holland M- 1987 gatefold 2lp of the original soundtrack and bloody tourists both records appear glossy unplayed 2 great pop classics
10ccSheet Music
UK London AUKS 53107 USA SS sealed and pristine 1974 original with custom wall street shuffle hype sticker on the shrink wrap
10lec6Join Us!
Troubleman Unlimited TMU 164 USA M- rare 3 track french disco punk appears unplayed 10lec6 is pronounced dis lec six
13th Floor ElevatorsLive S.F. 66
Lysergic LP 025 USA M- 1980 mono vinyl rarity in shrink wrap appears unplayed
13th Floor ElevatorsMusic Of The Spheres
Charly IA16 UK SS fantastic factory sealed 2011 limited edition mail order only 8lp plus 10 inch lp housed in a thirteen inch square hard box featuring unique 3d lenticular cover image of the i...
17 PygmiesWelcome
Great Jones GJ 6003 USA M- 1988 promo label with gold promo stamp on back cover vinyl appears glossy unplayed after several albums of atmospheric and artsy folk rock seventeen pygmies made a ...
18th DyeTribute To A Bus
Matador OLE 125 USA M- beautiful 1995 original with custom inner sleeve appears glossy unplayed with steve albini at the production helm this time out 18th dye took even more of a turn towar...
1910 Fruitgum Co.1, 2, 3 Red Light
Buddah BDS 5022 USA SS sealed 1968 stereo original small cut out hole features yummy yummy yummy
1910 Fruitgum Co.Goody Goody Gum Drops
Buddah BDS 5027 USA M- 1968 deep groove stereo original with small cut out hole very slight corner bumps
1910 Fruitgum Co.Goody Goody Gum Drops
Buddah BDS 5027 USA SS sealed 1968 stereo original with cut out hole
1910 Fruitgum Co.Goody Goody Gum Drops
Buddah BDS 5027 USA SS sealed 1968 stereo original
1910 Fruitgum Co.Hard Ride
Buddah BDS 5043 USA M- beautiful 1969 original featuring a great motorbike cover small cut out hole
1910 Fruitgum Co.Simon Says
Buddah BDS 5010 USA SS sealed 1968 stereo original pristine copy
Rough Trade RTRADLP 490 USA SS sealed out of print 2009 original
2 Badcard / Asian Dub Foundation / Little Axe / ShChainstore Massacre
On-U Sound EPA 68202-2 UK SS sealed long out of print 2lp original
2 Foot Flame2 Foot Flame
Matador OLE 165 USA SS sealed 1995 original side project for members of mecca normal and dead c experimental noisy pop
2 Live Crew2 Live Party
Lil Joe LJR 897 USA SS sealed 1998 12 single with 7 mixes of title track clean cut out hole
2 Live Crew / Bass Patrol / Poison Clan / Fresh CeStrip Club Classics
Lil Joe XR238 USA M- long out of print 1999 2lp featuring a saucy cheesecake cover photo clean cut out hole
21st CreationBreak Thru
Gordy G7 97981 USA SS sealed 1978 modern soul original cut corner
24 Karat Five / Night Walkers / Beggars / Del PrixBaltimore's Teen Beat
Dome SR 4007 USA M- rare 1966 mono original cover vg lp appear unplayed features 16 of baltimore s best r b garage and rock bands
27 Devils JokingActual Toons
Live Wire LW 10 USA SS sealed 1989 original
27 Devils JokingThe Sucking Effect
Rave 018 USA SS sealed 1991 vinyl rarity
27 VariousApproximately
Clean CR 89200 USA SS rare and sealed 1990 original
28th Day / Barbara Manning28th Day
Enigma 72047 USA M- 1985 7 track ep one of those albums that did absolutely nothing upon its release but has developed a certain cult cachet over the years 28th day is the recording debut of b...
2nd Chapter Of ActsMansion Builder
Sparrow SPR 1020 USA SS sealed 1978 original from the christian rock act
3 Hur-elHurel Arsivi
DAMLA 002 Germany sealed out of print 180gm reissue of the 1000 turkish psych rarity recorded in 1976 pristine copy
3 SoundsThe Three Sounds Vol. 2
Blue Note BNJ 61019 SS sealed japanese stereo original with obi tracks are bobby mo ge it might as well be spring soft touch don t get around much any more and goin home alter...
Volcano 88883761011 USA sealed 2014 limited foil numbered record store 2lp 180gm reissue of their 1995 album first time on vinyl this is low number 0468
Volcano 88883761021 USA SS sealed 2014 limited edition record store day 2lp 180gm hq gatefold this is number 2906
38 SpecialSpecial Delivery
A&M SP 4684 USA M- rare 1978 white label promo in unplayed condition clean cut out hole custom inner sleeve
38 SpecialSpecial Delivery
A&M C25Y 3070 M- 1978 japanese black silver promo label with custom inner sleeve and two obis promotional sticker on rear cover glossy unplayed condition
38 SpecialSpecial Forces
A&M SP 4888 USA M- 1982 original still in shrink wrap with partial custom hype sticker includes custom inner sleeve vinyl appears glossy unplayed
38 SpecialStrength In Numbers
A&M SP 5115 USA SS sealed 1986 die cut cover original
38 SpecialTour De Force
A&M SP 4971 USA M- mint 1983 original with custom inner sleeve and gold promo stamp on the back cover
38 SpecialTour De Force
A&M SP 4971 USA SS sealed 1983 original tiny saw cut custom song hype sticker on shrink
38 SpecialWild-Eyed Southern Boys
A&M SP 4835 USA SS sealed 1980 original hard to find without promo or deletion marks especially with this rare hold on loosely hype sticker on the shrink wrap crisp corners building on the...
38 Special / Joe Cocker / Freddie Mercury / ZZ TopTeachers
Capitol SV 12371 USA SS sealed 1984 soundtrack with gold promo stamp on front cover
3rd Avenue Blues BandFantastic
Revue RS 7213 USA M- beautiful 1970 original from the blue eyed jazz funksters falling somewhere between tower of power and the albert includes the outstanding come and get it plus covers of ed...
3rd DegreeAll You Wanna Do
Flaming Pie USA sealed 1983 original matte starfield bass backing vox thom douglass drums percussion allsorts devices backing vox jan alan henderson guitars guitar synthesizer lead voc...
3Speed AutomaticVilla Rocka
Nasoni 031 Germany M- 2004 german original appears unplayed 3 piece band from the netherlands with a pretty intense brew of stoner rock raunchy wah wah propelled biker rock sleazy hard rock a...
4 By FourWant You For My Girlfriend
Capitol V 15285 USA SS sealed 1987 12 single housed in a picture sleeve clean cut out hole features three mixes of the title track girlfriend mix radio edit girlfriend dub
4 Out of 5 Doctors4 Out of 5 Doctors
Nemperor NJZ 36575 USA M- 1980 original with custom inner sleeve and gold promo stamp on back cover throwing this talented yet unknown american band in the studio with established producer al...
4 VagabondsYesteryear's Memories
Apollo 8012 USA SS sealed gatefold compilation of recordings from 1946 and 1947
4-5-6 Trio (Fred Katz / Hal Gaylor / Johnny Pisano4-5-6 Trio
Decca DL 9213 USA M- stunning 1958 deep groove pink promo label fred katz trio hal gaylor bass johnny pisano guitar a most unusual jazz album lead by the classically trained katz who studi...
4-Squares / Toucan SlamDoin' Snuff With Roy Scherer
Quincey Shanks QS 10 USA M- late 90 s original with insert black wax six songs from each band
400 BlowsSickness & Health
ORGM-1035 USA SS factory sealed 2011 180gm original title sticker on shrink
440'sScrubbing Satan's Cadillac
Hell Yeah HELL 50 USA SS sealed 1999 original from the female fronted philadelphia based hot rod punks
2-4449 M- 1981 2lp gatefold original pressed in japan by jvc both lps appears glossy unplayed small top right corner push as far as we know this is the only mobile fidelity title of a railroa...
45 GravePick Your Poison
Frontier 31080 USA M- sealed 2012 absinthe colored vinyl original when going through a thesaurus to pick out adjectives to describe a 45 grave album mellow and pastoral probably aren t words t...
45 GraveSchool's Out
Enigma 1039 USA M- 1984 two track 12 single in picture sleeve features their cover of alice cooper s school s out b w partytime the story of sabine
   12"$8.80's / Church Keys19th Nervous Breakdown / Who's Driving Your Plane?
9651 USA M- beautiful 2004 45rpm split 7 single housed in a generic norton sleeve part of norton s rolling stones covers series japanese all female punk roll band the 5 6 7 8 s cover 19th n...
50 Guitars Of Tommy Garrett50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett
United Artists UXS 79 USA SS sealed 2lp gatefold original with cut corner the shrink is torn in multiple places but still seals the records inside some rubbing on the bottom seam near the mout...
50 Guitars Of Tommy Garrett50 Guitars Visit Hawaii
Liberty LSS 14022 USA sealed die cut gatefold stereo issue small cut corner
50 Guitars Of Tommy GarrettBordertown Bandido
Liberty LSS 14031 USA SS sealed stereo original housed in a heavy duty die cut gatefold jacket
50 Guitars Of Tommy GarrettMexican Leather And Spanish Lace
Liberty LSS 14046 USA SS sealed stereo original with small cut corner
50 Guitars Of Tommy GarrettYou're A Lady
United Artists UA-LA039 USA SS sealed 1972 original with small cut corner
52nd Street (Wendy Simon & Eric Shaw)Scrapple To The Apple
IC 1165 USA M- this rare 52nd street 1981 inner city original contains 11 tracks by such jazz masters as billy strayhorn lester young and bob dorough as performed by wendy simon vocals eric s...
5th DimensionHigh On Sunshine
Motown M7 914R1 USA SS sealed tough to find 1978 original
5th DimensionIndividually & Collectively
Bell 6073 USA SS sealed 1972 original with flip top cover
5th DimensionIndividually & Collectively
Bell 6073 USA SS sealed 1972 flip top cover original with rare hype sticker on shrink wrap
5th DimensionLive!
Bell 9000 USA SS sealed scarce 1970 2lp die cut hefty gatefold original with custom never my love sticker on shrink
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